Condenser Rubbing Aprons

Condenser Rubbing Aprons

Our business offers a premium selection of Condenser Rubbing Aprons that is created at reasonable costs and is available in all conventional sizes.

Condenser Rubbing Aprons

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Condenser rub Aprons in India and are supplied across the world. High performance aprons for wool, recycled, synthetic cotton waste, asbestos, and other materials are expertly crafted and made in accordance with international standards. Condenser rubbing aprons are produced using highly specialized technology and materials, and are prized for the following characteristics all over the world.


  • Fantastic rubbing
  • Increased carcass resistance
  • Exceptionally strong resistance to spinning oils
  • Maximum Abrasion Resistance
  • Extra Production with High Rubbing Power
  • Exceptionally Robust
  • Strong Construction


Specifications & Calculations

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