Spindle Taps

Spindle Tapes

Our spindle tapes are made of layers of fabric that are meant to provide grip and are made entirely of polyamide for strength.

Spindle Tapes

Our polyester and polyamide spindle tapes have a long lifespan and are economical. Cleaning is no longer essential and productivity is maintained by preventing fibre collection. Additionally, our tapes offer uniform yarn quality and stable spindle speed.
These are composed of nylon sandwiched between two outer layers of fabric. They have a long and dependable service life, no fibre fly accumulation, and the capacity to withstand spindle speeds beyond 20,000 rpm. These spindle tapes are designed for the economic application on spinning and twisting machines.

Salient Features

  • High wear resistance of the belt surfaces
  • Consistent spindle speed and yarn quality
  • Robust and dependable
  • Long service life
  • Good price/value ratio
  • No fiber collection
  • No cleaning
  • Low energy usage
  • High belt abrasion resistance


The spindle tapes we offer are constructed with layers of fabric intended for gripping and one hundred percent polyamide for strength. Our machine tapes’ bottom layer is blended with fabric made of natural fibres, strengthening its capacity to absorb heat. Spindle Tapes come in a variety of hues, including green-green, and green-yellow.
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