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Under the able guidance of the father – son duo, D.K Gupta and Rishabh Gupta, NUVGLOBAL IMPEX PVT LTD. stands tall as one of the most reputed and reliable companies in the Indian export industry. Our company deals in the export of Conveyor Belts, Condenser Tapes, Spindle Tapes, Rice Rubber Rolls, Condenser Rubbing Aprons, Varieties of Rice and Various types of Salt amongst other things. With the headquarters based in Delhi, India, Nuvglobal Impex has its network spread across the nation through tie-up with a group of companies namely Newtech Trans India Pvt. Ltd. (Industrial Products) , Shree Balaji Udyog (Industrial Products), R S Agro Industries Pvt Ltd. (Rice) and Shubham Chemfood Pvt Ltd. (Salt)

With a mission to provide the best quality products in the market, we have left no stone unturned in the tenure of our functioning. Adhering to our age-old business ethics, the company sticks to its values of virtue, transparency, and quality. Further, we envision to curate India’s largest chain of export through networking with micro and macro traders and cashing upon opportunities to revolutionise the industry.

What We Provide

Basmati Rice

A type of rice with a unique flavour and scent is called basmati rice. We at NUVGLOBAL export various types of basmati rice namely, 1401 Steam Rice, Steam Sugandha Rice, 1121 Golden Sella Rice, 1121 White Sella Rice, 1121 Steam Rice, 1509 Steam Rice.

Non-Basmati Rice

Our non-basmati rice is of the highest quality and is free of stones, dust, and pathogens. It has a wonderful scent and a rich flavour. Non-basmati rice is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including long, slender, short, thick, bead-like, and possibly circular varieties.


One of the first ingredients we likely consider while arranging the spice rack in a kitchen is salt. It is a necessary component of any recipe and aids in controlling a dish’s flavour. People use salt in cooking because it brings natural flavours and makes food more appealing.


We are leading exporter of spices. Spices are valued mainly for their distinctive color, flavors and aroma and thus are indispensable for culinary purposes and flavoring. Spices come with notable nutritional values and provide some major health benefits.

Organic Jaggery

An unprocessed natural sweetener is jaggery. Because it contains less sucrose than sugar and more vitamins and minerals, some people view it as a superfood. Jaggery is still a form of sugar, though, so individuals should use it sparingly.


Despite having few nutrients, onions are treasured for their flavour and are frequently used in cooking. They are also used as a cooked vegetable and add flavour to dishes like stews, roasts, soups, and salads. Size, shape, colour, and flavour all vary among onions.

G4 Green Chilli

A hearty Indian meal’s life and soul are the chilies. It’s not necessary to go overboard till smoke starts to stream out of your ears, but meals lack flavour without a hint of heat. Without a sprinkling of green chilies, we can’t imagine cooking.

Rice Rubber Rolls

In order to separate the rice husk from the grain, rice mills use rice rubber rollers. Our firm provides all different kinds of dehusking Rice Rubber Rolls namely- 6″ Sinle Key,10″ Alluminium sleeve, 10″ Alluminium Jumbo, 12″ Alluminium sleeve, 14″ Rubber roll etc.

Rice Rubber Brakes

Rice Rubber Polishers are essentially long rectangular sticks made of natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber as their primary raw materials. All rice mills require a sizable quantity of rice rubber polisher sticks (brakes) on a regular basis to polish rice.

Condenser Tapes

We provide condenser tapes which are in accordance with international quality and authenticity requirements. The high tensile strength, dimensional correctness, and robust design of the provided variety of tapes contribute to their widespread acceptance.

Condenser Rubbing Aprons

Condenser rubbing aprons of the highest quality are available with us. It is designed to ensure optimum rubbing and is constructed from the best synthetic rubber and high strength synthetic yarns. It is created using cutting-edge technologies and premium raw materials.

Rubber Covering

Our roller emery fillets offer a secure grip, are durable, and unaffected by extreme heat, abrasion, oil, or chemicals. The majority of coverings are offered with self-adhesive, high-heat resistant backings, which ensure excellent adhesion to the roller.

Our Company Profile

There were lots of companies available in market, but some of our best services make us far better than those companies. We are here to provide Quality of products, 24×7 dedicated support and on time global delivery services.
We have well qualified and well trained staff in each department like manufacturing department, packaging department, testing department and dispatch department. They really work hard to serve you a proper tested product on time with proper packaging.
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