Rubber Emery Fillets

Rubber Coverings

The Rubber Emery Fillet that our business offers is widely used in the textile sector. These coverings allow the textile materials to move between locations while safeguarding the rollers.

Rubber Emery Fillets

Our roller coatings provide a stable grip, are long-lasting, and resistant to damage from high temperatures, abrasion, oil, and chemicals. The majority of coverings are available with a self-adhesive backing that is high-heat resistant, guaranteeing a high level of adhesion to the roller. In addition, we provide non-adhesive roller covering tape with a selection of very fine specialty contact adhesives.
Depending on the purpose, a variety of materials are used to create our roller covers.


  • Best defense against acids
  • Very simple to clean
  • Scrape Resistance
  • Synthetic Rubber Made

Typical traits consist of


Excellent mechanical grip, chemical resistance, and ease of cleaning

Synthetic Rubber

Excellent for untreated materials because of its high abrasion resistance, good mechanical grip, and grease resistance.

Natural Rubber

Excellent for untreated materials, high abrasion resistance, and good mechanical grip.


Effective grip for delicate fabrics


Great for handling softer, more fragile textiles. favoured by paper to film converters. Particularly appropriate for web guides, winders, and rollers where reduced tensions are needed
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