Organic Jaggery

Organic jaggery

An unprocessed natural sweetener is jaggery. Because it contains less sucrose than sugar and more vitamins and minerals, some people view it as a superfood. Jaggery is still a form of sugar, though, so individuals should use it sparingly.

Organic Jaggery

A ubiquitous product in Asia and Africa is jaggery. It is becoming more and more well-liked as a substitute for white sugar because it is manufactured from the juice of sugarcane or palm trees. It is a common food in India, where it is known as gur.
Jaggery is somewhat healthier than white sugar because it contains some vitamins and minerals.
According to a recent review, regular jaggery consumption can:
  • help with digestion
  • boost energy levels
  • heal lung and bronchial infections
  • cleanse the liver and blood
  • reduce stress

Shapes Avalaible:

  1. Cuboid
  2. Circular
  3. Trapezium Shapes
  4. Bucket Form
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