Die Cutting Belts

Die-Cutting Belts

We offer die cutting belts that are composed of the highest caliber materials. The bottom surface of the die cutting belts likewise have little friction.

Die-Cutting Belts

High-end Die cutting belts are manufactured and supplied by us. These belts are constructed with the highest raw materials and feature strong cut resistance. Our belts are ideal for use with slider beds since they have little friction on the bottom surfaces. The multi-layered, flat cutting surface area of the die cutting belt eliminates the need for penetration when cutting challenging materials. The standard ATOM cutting systems’ innovative belt shift device and automated adjustment of the mechanical positive stop can help the belt last a long time (1,000,000 Impressions-Standard).
There are numerous types of die cutting belts available. The belt’s application and selection will rely on the die-cutting material and toll that will be used. The diameter of the roller is a crucial consideration when choosing a belt. The thickness of the die-cutting belts causes the roller’s diameter to rise.


  • Tensile Strength is 700kgs/cm.
  • Any width up to 2500mm.
  • Available in two colours : Black & Green.
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