Rice Rubber Brakes

Rice Rubber Polisher Brakes

Being a client-focused company, we offer Rice Rubber Brakes, which are rubber profiles made with a combination of carefully chosen polymer and chemicals to provide the highest performance at the most affordable price throughout time.

Rice Rubber Brakes (Polishers)

Rice brakes are manufactured in different sizes  with different bit sizes and grades depending upon the requirement of rice millers .It will give you top-notch outcomes and prevents the grain from breaking down quickly.


Our group manufactures several types of rubber polishers for polishing rice, and they are typically composed of natural rubber.
  • 16 × 1½ × ½
  • 18 × 1½ × 1½
  • 18 × 1½ × 2
  • 18 × 2 × 2
  • 20 × 2 × 2
  • 22 × 2 × 2
  • 24 × 2 × 2


Rice rubber polishers play a significant role in the current rice milling business. All rice mills require a sizable quantity of rice rubber polisher sticks (brakes) on a regular basis to polish rice.
Rice polishers act as brakes to prevent the rice from running out of the machine. One of the key factors in raising the calibre of rice output is the use of rubber polishers, which increase the efficiency of rice mills. You may easily improve the accuracy and productivity of the rice grains in the market and aim for high prices for it by using a top quality rubber polisher.
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