Condenser Tapes

Condenser Tapes

Under the close supervision of knowledgeable personnel, our offered selection of Leather Condenser Tapes is created using the best material and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, we offer this to our customer at unbelievably low costs

Condenser Tapes

Card yarns are created using the condenser tapes. They’re utilized to divide the veil into stripes and carry those stripes to the rubber aprons so they can receive the necessary tension.
These are frequently used for spinning wool. These tapes have a polyamide traction core with exceptional flexibility. Superior regulation is made possible by the flexibility for both endless and continuous tapes. The antibacterial properties of the elastic tape, along with its resistance to spinning oils and superior web division, are highly regarded. Additionally, these condenser tapes offer protection against chemical assaults.

Salient Features

  • High elasticity
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Uniform breadth and thickness
  • Smooth edges
  • Low relaxation
  • Optimal web contact
  • Longer life


Natural Leather Full Grain [ Chrome & Veg Tanned ]

The top and bottom layers of the natural leather Condenser tapes are made of the best grade vegetable- and chrome-tanned full-grain leather, respectively. A specific oriented polyamide core gives the tapes their elastic but permanently stretch-resistant properties.

Synthetic Leather

Condenser tapes made of synthetic leather have a top and bottom layer. This is the best thing to use in humid, greasy situations. Unlike leather, it only has one joint, making it more durable.


Constant Length of Tape

Due of the plastic ply’s chemical orientation, CTP combines full elasticity with independence from ongoing strain.

Constant Length of Tape

The molecular-oriented plastic ply of the CTP tape should ideally guarantee that all of the tapes in a series set have the same tension. Due to the flexibility of CTP tape, small fluctuations in tape length that may be caused by the bending of the tape condenser rollers are quickly absorbed.

Optimal Fibre Division

All CTP tapes have the same tape width and tension, which ensures accurate fibre web division. Less ends fall out when spinning, greater yarn quality, and better results are all benefits of uniform roving.

Maintenance & Downtime

The felting-up of rollers in the tape condenser is essentially nonexistent because CTP tapes always run edge to edge with no stretch gaps occurring between the tapes. Thus, CTP aids in decreasing downtime and boosting card productivity.


  • Average set’s thickness: 3.33mm
  • Weight is 3.13kg per square metre
  • Average area is 3.20 square metres (32 sq ft).
  • Tolerance for width +0 – 0.2mm (+0′ – 0.008′).
  • Width of¬†condenser groove
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